time limit

time limit
time limit UK US noun [C]
a date or time by which something must be done or completed: within a time limit »

If a deal is not reached within the time limit, the firms involved will set up an auction.

a time limit for doing sth »

You should pay close attention to any relevant time limits for pursuing your statutory rights.

a time limit for sth »

Current rules outline time limits for the tender offer.

a 30-day/12-month/5-year etc. time limit »

Section 11 of the Act provides a three-year time limit for personal injury claims.


a strict/specific/recommended time limit

set/put/impose a time limit (on sth) »

At present, legislation does not impose any time limit on the Revenue in terms of the time it takes to process an application.


The National Business Conduct Committee may extend or shorten time limits prescribed by the Code for the filing of any papers.

a time limit expires »

Any documents submitted after the time limit expires will not be considered valid.

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